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Ideal for seasoning and refining soups, stews, sauces, vegetable dishes and all hearty dishes.

Natura reform frugola granular wort, 300g

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Introducing the perfect seasoning for all your culinary creations - Natura Reform Frugola Granular Wort! This dietary wort has been trusted by culinary experts for decades, and for good reason. It is packed with yeast extract and a unique blend of coughed plant fat that adds depth and flavor to any dish.

Made with purely vegetable ingredients, this spice is not only delicious but also free of cholesterol, purinine, and gluten. Plus, with its low bread units per serving, it is practically negligible for those who are watching their carb intake.

What sets Frugola apart is the use of only clear plant fat in production, making it a healthy and flavorful alternative to other seasonings on the market. The addition of yeast extract not only enhances the overall taste of the seasoning, but it also provides a host of nutritional benefits like protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Use Frugola to add zest to your soups, pots, vegetables, (grain) dishes, and sauces. The combination of dining salt, yeast extract, sunflower oil, and spices like white pepper, nutmeg blossom, and lovage will transform your dishes into a culinary masterpiece.

Upgrade your seasoning game today with Natura Reform Frugola Granular Wort and experience the premium quality and taste of this top-rated seasoning. Add it to your cart now and taste the difference!

Natura reform frugola granular wort, 300g