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Elegant and balanced pepper composition of entire black pepper berries from controlled organic cultivation, from three different cultivation regions - Indian Malabar coast, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. In the practical reusable mill.

Herbaria Trio Noir Bio Mühle, 50g

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Indulge your taste buds and take your culinary experience to new heights with the remarkable Herbaria Trio Noir Bio Mühle, 50g. This extraordinary pepper blend is a carefully crafted composition sourced from controlled organic cultivation, ensuring the highest quality and flavor.

Made from premium black pepper berries hand-picked from three distinct regions - the Indian Malabar coast, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania - this pepper blend offers a truly unique and well-balanced taste. Its complex and full-bodied aroma, combined with a harmonious sharpness, will delight your senses and elevate your dishes to gourmet levels.

To ensure utmost freshness and quality, only the first red berry from each spindle is meticulously selected. These hand-picked berries are then stored overnight at room temperature before undergoing a fermentation process to enhance their flavor. Similar to the transformation of tea leaves, the green berries turn black and are subsequently dried to preserve their exquisite taste.

Proudly 100% organic, vegan, and additive-free, the Herbaria Trio Noir Bio Mühle comes in a reusable mill with a ceramic grinding mechanism - making it convenient and easy to season your dishes to perfection. Not only will you savor the exceptional flavor this pepper blend adds to your meals, but you'll also appreciate its ethical sourcing and commitment to quality.

Whether you're creating a gourmet dish or simply enhancing your everyday cooking, Herbaria Trio Noir Bio Mühle, 50g, is your ticket to unparalleled flavor and a touch of sophistication. Once you've experienced the exquisite taste of this expertly crafted pepper blend, you'll never settle for regular pepper again. It's time to take your cooking to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Herbaria Trio Noir Bio Mühle, 50g