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Allos King Tiger are double biscuits filled with delicious cocoa cream. With a cocoa cream filling of 20% and delicious bourbon vanilla, you taste every child.

2 x Allos King Tiger, 300g

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Indulge yourself in the royal pleasure of Allos King Tiger, the double biscuits that taste just as delightful as they look. Each bite of these exquisite biscuits will transport you to a world of pure, unadulterated bliss.

The seductive aroma of cocoa cream, with its tempting essence, will surround you as you savor the smooth and luscious filling. The 20% cocoa cream filling is infused with the finest bourbon vanilla that tantalizes your senses and melts away your worries.

Crafted from wheat fully flour, Rohrohr sugar, and palm fat, these divine biscuits are a sweet indulgence that no one can resist. With every crisp bite, you will be captivated by the rich and delicious flavors that unfold.

The Allos King Tiger biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to tea, coffee or hot cocoa, pair them with your favorite beverage and savor the heavenly combination.

Experience the magic of Allos King Tiger biscuits and unlock the secrets of true indulgence. They are truly fit for a king, and now you can indulge like one too.

2 x Allos King Tiger, 300g