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Many parents wonder why they can't feed their infant real cow's milk instead of breast milk or formula. There are two primary reasons for this: Cow's milk cannot be digested as wholly or easily by infants as breastmilk or baby formula can. More significantly, cow's milk lacks crucial nutrients that newborns under a year require.

While formula baby milk gives the nutrients, they need to grow and build health. Giving a similar health benefits as breast milk for your baby is possible through formula milk and it's a way better option than cow's milk.

Why Say “No” to Cow’s Milk?

Cow's milk contains high protein and mineral concentrations, which can stress a newborn's undeveloped kidneys and cause severe disease during heat stress, fever, or diarrhea. Furthermore, cow's milk lacks the necessary levels of iron, vitamin C, and other minerals for newborns. Cow's milk protein can upset the stomach and intestine of infants, resulting in blood loss in the stools, which can cause iron deficiency anemia in some newborns.

Cow's milk also lacks the most beneficial fat for growing newborns. For these reasons, unless no other option is available, your infant should not get cow's milk (or other non-human milk or milk replacement) until they are roughly 12 months old.

Lebenswert Formula Milk:

Lebenswert bio provides the foundation for healthful and balanced newborn nourishment with high-quality baby milk meals and baby wholegrain porridge from the best organic farms. Your infant is getting enough breast milk. As a result, Lebenswert believes that breastfeeding is the best form of newborn nourishment. The new Lebenswert bio collection offers high-quality organic baby food as the supplemental food phase begins.

Whenever feasible, all infant milk formulas, cereal porridge, and jars are made following the Bioland Association's criteria. All other Lebenswert organic goods are certified organic and meet stringent organic farming regulations.

No chemical-synthetic fertilizers or additions like flavorings, colors, or preservatives exist. Instead of synthetic fertilizer, we use natural compost, which babies can easily consume.

  1. Lebenswert organic initial milk 1, 500g
baby milk

Lebenswert formula has clean, uncomplicated, and organic components that are as near to a perfect alternative for genuine breast milk as possible. It has no GMO ingredients, color additives, fake nutrients, or preservatives, and no maltodextrin or starch. Taste, nutritional value, and texture. This is one of the closest formulas to breast milk. Rather than corn syrup or other sugar additions, the main carbohydrate in this organic formula is organic lactose from cow's milk.

  1. Lebenswert organic follow on milk 2, 500g
milk for babies

Organic newborn milk nourishment with living value is accessible from birth. The formula ensures that your baby gets all the vitamins and minerals needed for early growth and development while avoiding harmful synthetic additives. For preparation, only use the measuring spoon provided.  Improper preparation and storage can result in health problems.  Always prepare food from scratch and never reuse leftovers. Start with thorough dental care from the first tooth and minimize the product's exposure to heat.

  1. Lebenswert organic follow on milk 3, 475g
best formula milk for baby 0-6 months

This Lebenswert organic infant formula milk for babies keeps you well-supplied from their birth. The Lebenswert Organic Follow-on Milk 3 is unsweetened (contains natural sugar) and made with high-quality, carefully chosen, and strictly controlled ingredients. if you are weaning your child off of breastfeeding. The formula milk is friendly to the baby's digestive tract because the sole carbohydrate used is lactose, which is a simple carbohydrate.

Your Takeaway

These organic infant milk natural dense formulas are the best formula milk for babies 0-6 months. Visit First Organic Baby for the first day's care of your babies as they uphold the same health, simplicity, and environmental sustainability values that we all appreciate from this premium formula. Browse our wholesale section for bundle prices.

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