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A superfood is a food category rich in vitamin and mineral content and contains other compounds, including antioxidants, fibre, and fatty acids, considered beneficial for a person's health. Food nutrition derived in this form, when well incorporated into a balanced diet format, not just promotes health but also has an impact on weight loss, improved energy levels, and even results in reducing the effects of ageing. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, eggs, legumes, nuts and seeds, etc., nutrition, granting health benefits, and energy needed to nourish ourselves, superfoods are nothing but a combination that circumscribes a healthy dietary pattern. 

Top superfood choices for your dietary needs

Over the years, research has proven that healthy dietary patterns set the stage for supporting your health with great nutrition and can significantly reduce the risk of chronic health conditions, including blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, etc. Introduced as a powerpack for your meals and snacks, let us now dive deep and bring you the best superfood choices from a list that is made for the enhancement of your dietary and health requirements. 

1)8 x Clasen BIO Superfood-Mix, 200g


The CLASEN BIO superfood mix combines tart-sweet cranberries and goji berries with aromatic cashew, almond and walnut kernels and spicy and crunchy pumpkin seeds to create a delicious snack mix for all connoisseurs. Known to be the ideal topping for mueslis, desserts and smoothie bowls and even as a base for homemade spreads, the superfood mix is best used for a nutritional surplus in any form whatsoever. An invaluable source of immense food nutrition as already mentioned, the mix even adds plenty of fibres to the diet. 

2)Bohlsener Mühle Müsli-Basis Heimisches Superfood, 6-Flocken-Mischung, 500g

Nutrition food

Muesli base Local superfood, 6 flakes, all ingredients from German Bioland cultivation. The nutrition-rich and priceless combination of the various grain types with the superfoods quinoa and buckwheat ensure enough protein and fibres are sourced. Ideal for individual mueslis. This mixture is great through and through. The aromatic hue with old, original grain types meets modern but local superfoods. The superfood mix becomes the right choice for daily health and food nutrition. 

3)Raab Vitalfood BIO Broccoli Pulver, 230g

Food nutrition

A superfood with innumerable vital substances with immense nutritional value and great health benefits, Broccoli is a local superfood with nutritional tit-bits concentrated in the dried broccoli powder. Raab Organic broccoli powder is rich in vitamin K, which contributes to maintaining normal bones. It also contains folic acid, potassium and calcium. The presence of potassium contributes to the maintenance of normal blood pressure conditions. The broccoli powder contains secondary plant substances. In addition, minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and secondary plant substances are the foundations of great nutritional support. 

4)Raab Vitalfood BIO Rote Bete, 250g


Beetroot is a local superfood. The folic acid it contains is concentrated in the dried Raab organic beetroot powder. It is also fibre-rich and contains betaine (1050 mg per 100g beetroot powder). Helping attain normal blood pressure conditions, proper functioning of the psyche, and immune system, and the fight against tiredness and fatigue, the presence of folic acid proves great. Therefore, the powder is ideally suited to enriching and enhancing food and drink mixtures with folic acid. 

Think of them as the avengers in the plant world!

Can you think of a better food nutrition source than a superfood in the present day and age of nutritional and health requirements? Superfood is a tried-tested source that is not just immensely rich in supplying your dietary needs with better nutritional support but also proves quite significantly beneficial in times of higher workload, stress or insufficient supply of nutrients by fresh food (for example during long travels or in winter), these foods find more and more room in our lives. We should feel lucky enough to be supplied enough with such long-lasting nutritional powerhouses. Consuming at least 5 servings of superfoods daily can help make up for deficiencies in your diet. Superfoods are nutritional storage ground, meaning they're jam-packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural enzymes, healthy fats, and more.

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